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Can I ask for changes if I don’t like something?

Yes, you can ask for changes during the development process of a project.

  • Design Changes in Step 1: We send you an image format design of the homepage in step 1 of the process. You can ask for changes or a complete redesign, if required. We need your feedback on what you liked and didn’t like in the 1st version.
  • Development Changes in Steps 2 & 3: We create a working website link based on the approved design and the proposal. You can ask for changes in elements like other pages layout, forms, hover animations, images, text, and any other functional part.
  • Content Changes: We request you to provide the final content once ready. You can send it during the complete development process if it’s not prepared. We can make some minor changes to the content. However, a major or full content replacement will not be possible because website structure and everything depends on it.
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